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Camden Liquor Accord (CLA) Camden Liquor Accord (CLA) Camden Liquor Accord (CLA)
The Role Of The Patron/Public

By entry to the premises of Accord members, patrons agree to participate in the Camden Liquor Accord (CLA) and comply with this code of conduct and conditions of entry displayed at the entrance of all Accord members' premises.

  • To abide by the CLA patron code of conduct you are asked to :-
  • Comply with any reasonable direction of management or staff;
  • You must accept responsibility for your actions at all times;
  • You must be dressed to an acceptable standard at all times;
  • You must be able to prove that you are over 18 years of age;
  • You will not be admitted if you are intoxicated, violent, indecent or disorderly;
  • You will be refused service and turned out if you become intoxicated, violent, indecent or disorderly;
  • The comfort and safety of all patrons is of paramount importance to the management and staff of this establishment;
  • Please look after this property while you are here, and behave responsibly when you leave.
  • Should you have a problem, please consult a member of staff; and
  • Above all, enjoy yourself and the company of your friends.

  • Assist Accord members by your conduct on and when leaving licensed premises and clubs, interaction with other patrons and commitment to safe driving.
  • Respect the property and rights of others.

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